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    CoolAmulets® Collection. Very Cute and Special Evil Eye Protection Amulet Lucky Charms Bracelet.  Bracelet Size: 8 Inches Wide with 2 Inch Chain Extender.Beads are made from Fun Colorful Beads and Designed with Base Charms and Spacers.Each Bracelet is Handcrafted and Absolutely Unique.Comes with Cute Gift Style Packaging and CoolAmulets Branded Tag.

    Very Cute and Special Evil Eye Bracelet with Evil Eye Star Charm, Evil Eye Lucky Charm and Power Symbol Gold-Tone Charms. These bracelets are Very Eye Catching and easy to wear. The Bracelet is made with Royal Black Accents Cute Beads and Holds Blue Evil Eye Star Accent in the Middle.

    Amulet meaning:

    For Thousands of Years across the Planet, People are using Evil Eye Charms, Jewelry and Home Décor to Protect them selfs against Evil Eyes and Forces of the Environment including People. Stay Protected with Your Own Protection Amulet.

    Power Symbol Creates Ability to have Supernatural Energy to think, develop and spiritual path movement. This Symbol holds Good Luck and Protection powers and will absorb any negative energies from the environment and will release Positive Energies to help you achieve your goal and overstep difficult times.

    Evil Eye Beads protects you from Evil Eye of other people by catching their eyes and moving them away from yourself. Sea Horse Charm gives you Positive Powers of Protection and Magic.